Having a sincere friend is perhaps one of the greatest blessings that God can give us. A true friend is the one who celebrates our triumphs but also who is with us when we need it most. He is the one who helps you to be a better person thanks to his wise advice. It is for this reason that today we bring to you different birthday phrases for a good friend.

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List of Happy Birthday phrases to share

  – Have an excellent day! I sincerely hope that each of the goals that you have set for your new start of the year will be fulfilled, and that you will receive better results than you expected.

– My good friend, on this special day I wish that all your beautiful dreams come true! Happy birthday!

Birthday Cards

 – Did you already know that you are a kind, special, intelligent person with a good sense of humor? I hope you never forget it Congratulations!

 – Time passes and undoubtedly does extraordinary things in you! Every day you are more beautiful! Happy birthday!

 – Always keep in mind that the most valuable thing is to maintain the young spirit, the desire to live things that nurture the soul and not forget that every day is a different opportunity to continue growing as people. Happy birthday!

 – May life multiply the happiness you give with each one of your beautiful actions. You are a wonderful person, my friend. Happy birthday!

 – Maybe you thought you would not remember the date of your birthday. Did you see that you were wrong? It is impossible not to keep in mind a day as important as this. Thank you for being my best friend, I wish you enjoy this day more than you can, laugh a lot and have an amazing time Happy birthday!

 – How would I forget a day like today? It is one of my favorite days of the year because my best friend is partying, thanks for being a brother, confidant and accomplice. Happy birthday! 

– A question, if today is your birthday, why do I get the gift? Thank you very much, my friend, for giving me another year of life by your side, sharing adventures, and living beautiful moments. Happy birthday! 

– May this new year that you begin be painted with happiness, blessings and wonderful moments. You deserve this and more, remember it always! Happy Birthday! 

– I know perfectly that words can not replace a warm hug, but at least they allow me to express how important your friendship is for me. Have a wonderful day.

– This message may be short, but do not doubt that it is full of good wishes and the best vibes. I wish that you have a beautiful birthday, Receive a lot of love. Happy day! 

– That every minute of this new year that begins for you, is full of love, happiness, peace and happy moments. Your friendship is one of the most precious gifts I have. Thank you for always being there. Happy birthday!